About RDCG

Research Data Consultation Group

The Research Data Consultation Group is a collaborative, university-wide group charged with responding to service requests and inquiries from researchers at any stage in the data lifecycle in order to provide consultation on best practices, implement data management services, and help link users to resources.

RDCG Operating Principles

  • Consultants respond professionally and in a timely manner to requests for assistance with the creation or implementation of data management plans.
  • Consultants treat information in grant proposals as confidential and do not share specific information outside the RDCG group.

RDCG Service Limitations

  • The RDCG does not provide advice on legal or compliance issues.
  • The RDCG offers services without any specific guarantee of funding success.

Consultation team

The RDCG covers all disciplines and its membership includes experts in data management, metadata, information technology, and preservation as well as domain expertise in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities.The consultants are responsible for responding to requests for research data management planning and services across the university. Members of this team will respond to requests according to their areas of expertise.

  • Kayleigh Bohemier, Science Research Support Librarian, CSSSI
  • Euan Cochrane, Digital Preservation Manager, YUL
  • Catherine DeRose, Engagement and Outreach Manager, Digital Humanities Lab, YUL
  • Paul DiBello, Director of Research Technology Services, ITS Research Technologies
  • Joshua Dull, Research Data Support Specialist, CSSSI
  • Joan Emmet, Licensing and Copyright Librarian, YUL
  • Themba Flowers, Director of Digital Scholarship, CSSSI
  • Lauren Kerrigan, IT Associate Director, Medicine & University IT Partners
  • Trip Kirkpatrick, Senior Academic Technologist, Center for Teaching and Learning
  • Peter Leonard, Director, Digital Humanities Lab, YUL
  • Youn Noh, Metadata Librarian, YUL
  • Kate Nyhan, Research & Education Librarian, Medical Library
  • Jonathan Olmsted, Manager, Statistical Support Services, CSSSI

Advisory team

An advisory group guides the projects of the RDCG and facilitates referrals and connections.

  • Lisa D’Angelo, Assistant Provost for Research
  • Paul DiBello, Director of Research Technology Services, ITS Research Technologies
  • Themba Flowers, Director of Digital Scholarship, CSSSI
  • Dale Hendrickson, Director of Library Information Technology, YUL
  • Michelle Hudson, Empirical Services and Assessment Librarian, Law Library
  • Melanie Maksin, Director of Research Support and Outreach Programs, CSSSI
  • Youn Noh, Metadata Librarian, YUL
  • Jill Parchuck, Associate University Librarian for Science, Social Science, and Medicine, CSSSI
  • Limor Peer, Associate Director for Research, Institution for Social and Policy Studies