Research Data Support Services

Research Data Support Services (RDSS)

RDSS is a University-wide group that helps you and your research group throughout the data lifecycle. The Research Data Support Services group brings together specialists from around campus who consult with researchers and labs on their data management needs. Consultants have answered questions about how to write a data management plan, how to clean data, where to store data, and more. This group includes contributors from Center for Science and Social Science Information, Cushing/Whitney Medical Library, Digital Scholarship Services (DHLab and StatLab), Metadata and Technical Services, and Preservation, as well as experts from ITS, the Center for Research Computing, Center for Teaching and Learning, and other Yale units.

RDSS Operating Principles

  • Consultants respond professionally and in a timely manner to requests for assistance with the creation or implementation of data management plans.
  • Consultants treat information in grant proposals as confidential and do not share specific information outside the RDSS group.

RDSS Service Limitations

  • RDSS does not provide advice on legal or compliance issues.
  • RDSS offers services without any specific guarantee of funding success.

RDSS Consultants

RDSS covers all disciplines and its membership includes experts in data management, metadata, information technology, and preservation as well as domain expertise in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. The consultants are responsible for responding to requests for research data management planning and services across the University. Members of this group will connect researchers with appropriate units around campus that can assist with their needs throughout the research process.