We have modular training sections that can be taught in a variety of settings or used in consultations with lab groups, graduate and undergraduate courses, departments, or even an interested group of students/postdocs/staff. To schedule a custom workshop, contact us.

These workshops are designed to discuss best practices in disciplines. Consultants’ units also offer their own workshops on topics relating to data management, data analysis, statistical software, GIS, and more. Visit our Calendar page to see what workshops, trainings, and instructional sessions RDSS members are leading on campus.

Manage or Muerte

These modular trainings are based on a series of workshops we offered in 2015 and 2016 about managing research data for public access requirements and scholarly imperatives. If you would like to request a workshop for your group, feel free to make suggestions based on the content below.

Organizing data & data documentation

  • Slides
  • This session on organizing data will give an overview of good practices for data documentation, file organization, file naming, metadata for research data, data storage options available at Yale, and more.

Sharing, preservation, and licensing of research data: requirements & good practices

  • Slides
  • This session on data sharing, preservation, and licensing will give an overview of data sharing requirements, data de-identification issues, data licensing options, and software requirements in the context of publicizing and preserving data.

Finding data for re-use & making data re-usable

  • Slides
  • This session on finding data for re-use and making research data re-usable will offer useful resources for acquiring data held at Yale and elsewhere, navigation of common Data Use Agreements, and information on how to read and use data documentation (as well as how to make your own data well-documented).

Data management planning & data management plans: requirements & resources

  • Slides
  • This session on data management planning requirements and resources will offer an overview of US federal agency requirements for data management, insight into best practices for writing a DMP document, and tools and resources at Yale to help with data management planning regardless of funding status.